portales high school portales new mexico 1955 PHS jeff harris without a song william hill take me out to the ball game pat hillis patricia ernestine hartwig free as the breeze donald hawkins a heart that's free eugene hughes the kid's last fight don ingram chocloae ice cream cone pay less station

south west public service co nell hobbs my darling nellie ray hobbs the red headed stranger keith mccary sioux city sue bill mcdonald old mcdonald had a farm janita mckinley ain't we got fun? gertrude laxson a pretty girl is like a melody gary lee take it easy jerry moore still as the night

lela jo moore give me more, more, more of your kisses earline patrick sweet and lovely ethelyn phillips johnny is the boy for me marie myers sweet marie thrman lodham biding my time carolyn prude wonderful one douglas rauston at peace with the world bill owen billy boy hestands flowers

greens grocery lloyd polk slowpoke mary propes music, music, music chris romo i'm sitting on top of the world gloria romo smilin' through larry sanders lady's man jean read with a song in my heart betty robertson lucky me lenora sharp dark eyes portales high school portales new mexico nm 1957

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